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CBS - "Republican Senatorial Candidates Speak In Bozeman"

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Location: Bozeman, MT

CBS - "Republican Senatorial Candidates Speak In Bozeman"

Three Republican candidates laid out their platforms for their run for a Montana seat U.S. Senate in Bozeman.

The three candidates that showed up Wednesday highlighted their strengths.

Kirk Bushman promising to fight for national security and fiscal health; Anton Pearson focusing on his business experience; and Michael Lange, in his 3rd term as a Montana Legislator, saying his experience as an elected official makes him best suited for US.Senator.

But all three agree illegal immigration needs to stop.

Kirk Bushman: "If the National Guard is needed, they should be put there in the short term until we can develop a long term approach to securing the borders. Over 80% of the American people want this issue dealt with and congress has continually neglected to do anything about it at all. Simply addressing the issue will regain the trust with the American people."

Anton Pearson: "They're taking jobs away for a cheaper price from US citizens and we're paying health care for the babies."

Michael Lang: "I'll hunt them down. I'll get them out of here -- all 11 million of them, and if I have to put in full time people doing it. We have about 2.7% to 3 % of the budget is allocated. That's a drop in the bucket to a 48% defense budget, which is what we're spending right now."

Today's candidates claim even with 30 years experience, Senator Max Baucus hasn't taken any action with national security.

The Republicans candidates say they'll continue to support each other past the June 3rd Primaries.

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