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Issue Position: Education - Education for the 21st Century

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California's 14th Congressional District is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley and is at the vanguard of the economy of the 21st Century. A 2005 report of the National Academy and Sciences (NAS) entitled, "Rising Above the Gathering Storm," examined America's top needs to remain competitive in the global economy. Improving our education in math, science, and engineering to meet the needs of this economy was at the top of the list. This issue has also been a theme of several other major reports on America's economic future.

Rep. Eshoo has also been a leader in the development of the Innovation Agenda, a plan put forward by House Democrats to ensure America remains competitive in the global economy of the 21st Century. Among the goals of the agenda are to:

* Educate 100,000 new scientists, engineers, and mathematicians in the next four years by proposing a new initiative, working with states, businesses, and universities, to provide scholarships to qualified students who commit to working in the fields of innovation.

* Place a highly qualified teacher in every math and science K-12 classroom by offering upfront tuition assistance to talented undergraduates and by paying competitive salaries to established teachers working in the fields of math and science; institute a "call to action" to professional engineers and scientists, including those who have retired, to join the ranks of our nation's teachers.

* Create a special visa for the best and brightest international doctoral and postdoctoral scholars in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

* Make college tuition tax-deductible for students studying math, science, technology, and engineering.

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