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A Real Choice. A Real Change.


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In this exciting year of change and choice, Americans are no longer willing to allow our nation's future to be decided by old style party politics. Too much is at stake. As New Jersey elects a new US Senator, voters have the opportunity to take back their government. You deserve a debate of the real issues and you deserve a real choice. That's why I'm running.

America faces serious short-term and long-term challenges - bringing our troops home from Iraq's civil war, fixing our broken economy, reforming our broken health care system. We need new ideas, not the same old politics.

It's time for fresh ideas and new energy. It's time for real choice. It's time for real change. I need your help, and I'm asking for your vote on June 3rd.
It's time to shake up the Senate and clean up President Bush's mess

Rob Andrews takes action and delivers real change.

* Change Iraq. Over 18 months ago, Rob introduced plan to get us out of Iraq, and he's voted 16 times to
bring our troops home.
* Change Health Care. Rob will end President Bush's tax cuts for the super-wealthy to afford every American access to health coverage and ensure our seniors' prescriptions are affordable.
* Change Access to Education. The first in his family to go to college, Rob will expand Pell Grants and reduce student loan costs to help students pay soaring tuition bills.
* Change President Bush's Failed Economic Policy. Rob will oppose unfair trade agreements that eliminate our jobs. He'll invest in clean energy, small businesses, roads, and schools to create jobs here in New Jersey.

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