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Issue Position: A Responsible Plan for Iraq

Issue Position

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Rob Andrews believes that we should bring our troops home from Iraq's civil war. He has consistently voted in favor of bringing the troops home when it has been presented in the House of Representatives. The cost of this war, in lost lives, wounded men and women and ten billion dollars a month that could help solve our problems at home--is unacceptable.

Rob Andrews developed and articulated a specific plan on the most important question facing us today--how to bring our troops home. To read Rob's speech against the war, click here. If the Washington status quo had adopted this plan, we would be out of Iraq today.

Rob Andrews believes that the civil war in Iraq will only end when the warring combatants have an incentive to negotiate an end to their differences. Five years of failure have shown that endless occupation of Iraq will not produce that result.

Rob Andrews opposes any permanent base in Iraq, and understands that we can best prevent the establishment of terrorist sanctuaries in Iraq by facilitating a political solution to the Iraqi civil war, and maintaining our intelligence and Special Forces capabilities in Kuwait, Qatar, and other places in the region.

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