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Issue Position: Social Security

Issue Position

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The Social Security system is part of what makes America strong, and Susan is committed to safeguarding the program's core value and long-term viability.

Susan is concerned about the ongoing discussion regarding Social Security privatization. Privatization places much of the risk of a secure retirement on the volatility of the stock market and economy. Social Security exists for the same reason that insurance exists - it is a safety net in case poor planning, stock market failure or a bad economy eliminates a person's income from other sources. Privatizing our Social Security system makes it vulnerable to the very economic factors that its founders sought to counterbalance.

SSI and Military Families

Some military families receiving Supplement Security Income (SSI) for special needs children are in danger of losing their benefits because of service-related compensation. Since SSI is a means-tested program, a family's countable income is closely monitored. Certain military payments like parachute jump pay and hazardous duty pay--considered "unearned income" under current regulations--are harming their benefits and eligibility.

Susan has introduced the Military Families Financial Security Act, H.R. 337, which would eliminate this unfair practice and treat most military compensation as "earned income."

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