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Issue Position: Women's Issues

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Women play such an important and diverse roll in our society. Since our culture is rapidly evolving, it is very difficult to establish what exactly is a "women's issues." We live in a world today where women are CEO's, small business owners, lawyers, doctors, soldiers, athletes, professors, homemakers and much, much more. But simply because women have made tremendous strides over the past century to achieve equality, it does not mean that Congress can ignore issues that are important to women.

Congressman Baca has made it part of his agenda to be an advocate for the livelihood of women. Access to education, adequate healthcare, and financial resources are just a few of the issues Congressman Baca has prioritized. Below you will find some of the issues he has supported.

Reauthorizing the Breast Cancer Research Stamp

Congressman Baca is a staunch supporter of breast cancer research. In the 109th Congress he introduced HR 312, a bill that would reauthorize the Breast Cancer Research Postage Stamp. The bill has over 55 Congressional bipartisan co-sponsors.

The Breast Cancer Research Postage Stamp raises funds and awareness to fight breast cancer. The stamp sells can be purchased for $.45 at a local post office. Proceeds from the stamp benefit breast cancer research programs at the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense. Since the stamp's creation in 1998, it has raised over $50 million. The stamp unfortunately is a temporary program and will expire on December 31, 2005 without action from Congress.

The stamp was created by Dr. Ernie Bodai of Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento, California. Congressman Baca and Dr. Bodai have worked together on a number of occasions to help fight breast cancer while Congressman Baca served in the state legislature and in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Recognizing Alice Paul, women's suffragist and civil rights leader

Individuals who have made remarkably significant contributions to our nation's culture and history are from time to time recognized by being awarded with the Congressional Gold Medal. In the past, this honor have been given to civil rights figures, sports figures, war heroes and politicians.

Congressman Baca has introduced HR 311, to award the Congressional Gold Medal to Alice Paul, who is credited with pressuring Congress to adopt the 19th Amendment and drafted the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution. Without Alice Paul, women may not enjoy many of the rights and freedoms they do today. It is time that Congress recognize this champion of women's rights.

Title IX

Sports are an important component of education. They teach us how to win with integrity and how to lose with grace. They also teach us how to be a team player. Women and girls must not be left out of this educational experience. For over two decades, Title IX has ensured that women receive equal access to funding for sports in high schools and colleges across America. It has helped many young women receive college scholarships and enjoy and excel in competitive sports.

Recently, Title IX opponents have been extremely vocal about repealing the title's important provisions. Congressman Baca is a staunch opponent of these efforts and is an outspoken advocate of Title IX.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence touches all of our lives. Congressman Baca has been active in the fight against Domestic Violence. He has sponsored legislation to help victims of domestic violence maintain their housing status and also to raise awareness of and education about domestic violence. By educating the public about domestic violence we can fight the horrific problem that is plaguing our nation.

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