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Garrett Gazette

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Garrett Gazette-May 12, 2008

Dear Friends:

Last week, I recognized constituent Marie Springer for her environmental achievements in New Jersey. Ms. Springer was recently awarded the 2008 Environmental Quality Award by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. I had the honor of nominating her for this prestigious award.

Marie Springer has been an influential individual in New Jersey, leading the charge to preserve and protect our natural heritage for generations to come. As the founder of Friends of Wallkill River, Ms. Springer made the conservation of open spaces an important cause to many Northwest New Jerseyans. I appreciate, and am extremely grateful for, the hard work and dedication that Ms. Springer has poured into making our community a better place.

As a leading advocate of open spaces preservation, I believe that seeking to balance the protection of New Jersey's natural heritage with the protection of our constitutional heritage of private property rights is extremely important. I have been instrumental in passing into law federal legislation to protect the Highlands regions of New Jersey. I have also authored legislation, which became law, to make the Musconetcong River a part of the national network of wild scenic rivers.


Scott Garrett

Member of Congress


As you may know, I have been actively involved with efforts to re-list the Ringwood, New Jersey site on the National Priorities List (NPL), also known as the National Superfund list. The site had been de-listed initially by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1994, but in 2006 it became the first EPA Superfund site to be re-listed. Since entering office, I have been actively involved in working to resolve this situation. I have witnessed firsthand the environmental disaster the people of Ringwood live with everyday and have repeatedly contacted the EPA and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection urging them to complete the cleanup process. Recently, my office has been involved in the monthly Ringwood Community Advisory Group meetings which give local residents an important venue to discuss their concerns. Ensuring the cleanup of the Ringwood site is very important to all New Jersey residents and you can rest assured that I will continue actively monitoring the cleanup's progress.


Recently, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) agreed to continue examining the vegetation management standards in Northern New Jersey regarding transmission power lines. The Board stated there will be an opportunity for citizens to get involved with the policy making process. The NJBPU will hold a public comment period, which I urge you to take advantage of because it will allow you to voice your concerns with the proposed regulations. Be advised my office has been closely monitoring the proposed vegetation management regulations and will continue to do so.

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