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KSFY News - Obama Fights for Farming

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KSFY News - Obama Fights for Farming

Inside a Watertown barn packed with people, IL Sen. and Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama told South Dakotans he'll fight for farming.

Obama spoke to more than 2,000 attendees interested in his agricultural plans. In his attempt to appearl to what is a largely rural area, he stressed the importance of agriculture and explained his plan to invest in young farmers.

"We'll give them incentives to afford their first farm or ranch while giving a tax break to landowners who sell to beginning farmers," said Obama.

A roaring applause broke out, as former Sen. Tom Daschle looked on. The suerdelegate told KSFY that only Obama has the capacity to fix farming in South Dakota and beyond.

"If were going to keep that going, we have to recognize that agriculture, like everything else is changing and we have to adapt to these changes and help make change ourselves," said Daschle.

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