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Stop Holding the Vote on H.R. 3058 Hostage

Location: Washington, DC

STOP HOLDING THE VOTE ON H.R. 3058 HOSTAGE -- (House of Representatives - May 08, 2008)

(Mr. WALDEN of Oregon asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. WALDEN of Oregon. Mr. Speaker, by refusing to renew the county payments program, Congress has broken its pledge to rural areas all across this country like Lake County, Oregon, where Federal land covers 61 percent of the county.

Lake County has had to cut its road department from 42 people to 14, the equipment is aging and overworked, it needs maintenance on the roads that's being deferred. In this winter's record snowfall, or near-record, Lake County had to call in the Oregon Air National Guard to come in and help plow the streets so the safety vehicles could get through this county that's larger than the States of Connecticut and Delaware combined. Now they will be forced to let paved roads revert to gravel.

H.R. 3058 would solve this problem and would help keep the roads open in Lake County and schools open throughout the west. Yet H.R. 3058 is still held hostage on the Union Calendar. It's been approved by the committees of this House. It has been held hostage since January 15. This is day 114.

All we're asking is that the majority schedule it for a vote on this House floor. Let us vote on secure rural schools and roads just to vote. That's all. Let's keep the commitment of the Federal Government for 100 years to these rural communities where Federal land makes up the bulk of their counties.

I call on the Democrat leadership, day 114 held hostage, H.R. 3058, bring it up for a vote.

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