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Mathern Says Hoeven Needs to Clear the Air

Press Release

Location: Bismark, ND

At a news conference today, Senator Tim Mathern said North Dakotans should know his future political plans and those of Governor John Hoeven to clear the air before the upcoming election.

"Since I began my campaign for Governor, people have been asking me if Governor Hoeven wants to be in office for 12 or more years, or if he wins will he resign and run for Senate or Congress in two years. I think these are legitimate questions for the highest state office in North Dakota."

Mathern said the governor needs to make whatever decision he wants and let the citizens know what it is quickly.

"This is just a matter of clearing the air, so voters know what they are voting for. There have been other recent statewide office changes following a resignation. (Fong and Hamm) It makes sense that people now have this question in their minds. Is this a vote for John Hoeven for 12 plus years or a vote for Jack Dalrymple while Hoeven campaigns for another office?"

Mathern said for his part, "I pledge to run for no more than two terms as governor. I think eight years is enough for one administration to get the job done or to move on to encourage other leadership in our state."

Senator Mathern noted the governor's post is held by one full-time person who is the chief executive officer with dramatic impact on the state. Comparatively, a legislative change where a legislator is one of many legislators has minor consequences.

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