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Reichert Reacts to President's Change on Environment

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Reichert Reacts to President's Change on Environment

Applauds Measures to Decrease Emissions, Utilize Technologies

Congressman Dave Reichert (WA-08) reacted today to the President's speech on climate change:

"All Americans recognize the importance of protecting our environment for the sake of our children and grandchildren. We must act now to preserve our environment, protect our forests, wetlands, and natural habitat. President Bush has taken a tremendous step forward in making sure our world stays healthy and green, but there is so much more to be done. This plan that includes other developing nations like China and India is an important step. The future depends on all of us, Democrats and Republicans and Independents, working together. The President's initiatives send a strong message to all Americans, especially Republicans. It is time to take action; the debate is over.

"As I've said before, too many in my party have forgotten that conservation is conservative. I've been working with colleagues in both parties to promote bipartisan legislation such as the Climate Stewardship Act, which would reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases through market-driven incentives, with a long-term target of reducing global warming pollution by 75% by mid-century. I've also introduced legislation to expand the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area and continue a Washington state tradition of working collaboratively to preserve precious wild lands and rivers for our children and grandchildren.

"Americans are innovators - and we should continue to provide that leadership to the world in developing alternative technologies to meet the energy demands of the future. We must continue to provide for incentives - through the elected representatives - to appropriately deal with the challenges wea face.

"This issue requires a thoughtful, strategic approach, that doesn't harm our businesses or our economy but brings people together so we can develop good environmental policy that is also sound economic policy. This is a needed step to begin a collaborative, bi-partisan approach to reducing our nation's greenhouse gas emissions while protecting our nation's economic interests. I am happy to have the President at the table for this important discussion, and I look forward to building upon his preliminary objectives with my colleagues in Congress.

"It is not healthy for our country to only have one set of solutions to our environmental problems. Republicans need to encourage the president to do the right things on the environment."

Congressman Reichert's further conservation and environmental efforts include:

· Cosponsor of the Wild Sky Wilderness Act;

· Voted against drilling in ANWR, and supporter of the Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act to protect the ANWR Reserve;

· Introduced CAFE standards legislation;

· Cosponsored legislation to develop plug-in hybrid technology; and,

· Consistently supports funding boosts for national parks, including funding for Mount Rainer.

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