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Issue Position: Equal Opportunity

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Equal Opportunity

One of the most revealing tragedies of Hurricane Katrina was how it exposed the extreme disparities that still exist in American society. Differences between the haves and the have nots have never been greater, as the rich keep getting richer, and the rest of America - the poor and the middle class - keep falling behind.

Democrats are resolute in support of equal opportunity for all Americans. Enforcement of civil rights laws is critical to leveling the playing field for those who are underserved or facing discrimination in their daily lives. In addition, legislation and resources are needed to expand opportunities in all aspects of life - including jobs, health care, education, and voting rights. To address disparities in society, we need compassionate solutions that bring Americans together to lend a helping hand to their fellow citizens. Only then can we say we are truly making progress toward equal opportunity in America.

Key Facts

• Thirty-seven million Americans currently live in poverty in the United States.

• Twenty-five percent of African-Americans live in poverty, while the number is 22 percent for Latinos.

• Thirty-six million Americans are hungry or malnourished.

• Forty-five million Americans are living without health insurance.

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