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Why Vivian Figures and not Jeff Sessions?

Elections are about choices.
We study the records and priorities of two people to see if they match our own. Here is the choice we face in the U.S. Senate race.
Vivian Figures

Her belief is that our country will change for the better when we adopt better priorities. These are Vivian's:

Bringing our troops home from Iraq's foreign, religious civil war

Bettering the lives of our children by making education a budget priority

Finding a way for families to have affordable, quality healthcare and for the costs of prescription medication to match the rates paid by other countries

Protecting American jobs and securing our borders

Shepherding our tax dollars so they are not wasted on useless federal programs and subsidies to industries making huge profits

Changing tax law so the expenses for taking care of an elderly parent or paying for daycare are deductible while tax loopholes for large corporations are closed

Strengthening the ethics and financial disclosure rules for Members of Congress and lobbyists
Jeff Sessions

He is one of the most partisan politicians in Washington, and his time there directly corresponds with the following:

A record federal surplus replaced with a record deficit while his political party held a majority in both houses of congress and controlled the White House

The smallest federal government in 50 years replaced with the largest bureaucracy in the history of America

Record loss of American jobs with corporations receiving tax breaks for the cost of moving overseas

Energy policy written by the energy industry with "subsidies" for oil corporations making record profits, cuts in alternative fuel research, and federally protected lands being logged and drilled for oil

Health care policy written by the insurance corporations and drug companies who make record profits at the expense of our government and individual citizens

American sons and daughters dying in a foreign civil war that never should have started, and is predicted to cost us taxpayers $2 trillion dollars that could have been spent here at home. (If Alabama received its share of $2 trillion, we could have paid for over 75,000 new public school teachers, while providing 209,000 four-year college scholarships to Alabama colleges and universities, and insuring 2.5 million Alabama children with health care, while providing Head Start services to 580,000 more children.)

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