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Vivian's Priority: My overall priority is to put Alabamians and Americans first again. Let's take care of home by educating our children, providing health care for all citizens, providing proper care for our seniors, giving our veterans the respect and benefits they deserve for fighting to keep us free, and investing in our infrastructure to avoid further catastrophes in our nation. Let's take care of home first.

Iraq: Put America's troops first. Bring them home from Iraq's civil war, and give them all the respect, honor and support they deserve for a job well done.

Veterans: Give America's veterans the healthcare, bonuses, and education benefits they have earned. They deserve these things and more.

Education: Put American students ahead of college loan companies. Let's improve oversight of college loan firms, and push for low cost school loans to families in need. Let's offer tax incentives for advanced training and retraining for the jobs of tomorrow.

Higher education reform won't do us much good if our K-12 system continues to suffer. In Washington, I will fight to increase funding to train and hire additional, quality teachers, reduce class sizes, and modernize classrooms so our students are prepared for the jobs of the 21st Century. I will work with teachers, students, parents and administrators to achieve excellence in our schools.

Health Care: We must put patients first. If America is the wealthiest nation, why are we not the healthiest nation? I will fight for affordable health care for all Americans. I will work with others to require the government to negotiate for lower drug prices, and stop the insurance and drug companies from price gouging.

Trade: Promote American jobs, not foreign interests. Let's use existing trade laws to level the playing field for American workers and companies. We must stop destroying our middle class and outsourcing jobs to China and India.

Accountability: We must strengthen the ethics and financial disclosure rules for members of Congress and lobbyists.

Taxes: Fair taxes for all Americans should be the priority, not tax loopholes and giveaways for big corporations and the super rich. That starts with changing tax laws so the expenses for taking care of an elderly parent or paying for child daycare are deductible.

Retirement Security: America's senior citizens should come first, not Wall Street. I'll challenge every effort to raise the retirement age, cut benefits, or privatize Social Security.

Energy Independence: My priorities are the American people, the economy and national security, not tax breaks for greedy oil corporations. I promise to lead the effort to break our addiction by investing in tax incentives and loans for the development of renewable energies.

Mortgage Crisis: Put the American dream ahead of mortgage company profits. I will push for a comprehensive "home rescue plan" to help homeowners at risk of foreclosure stay in their homes.

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