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Rep. Baca Declares Support for Goals and Ideals of Earth Day


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Baca Declares Support for Goals and Ideals of Earth Day

Today Congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) joined a bipartisan majority in the House of Representatives in unanimously passing H.Res.1117, a resolution, "Declaring Support for the Goals and Ideals of Earth Day."

"With this bipartisan resolution, we are committing ourselves to clean, renewable energy. New technologies can bring skyrocketing energy costs back under control and create new jobs," said Rep. Baca. "We must reverse the failed energy policies of the past and move forward toward economic growth and prosperity."

The resolution resolves that the House of Representatives thanks the many organizers and participants across the country for their tireless efforts in support of the environment. It also encourages the Department of Energy to step up its efforts in research, development, and demonstration of renewable energy technology and energy conservation techniques. The statement also promotes cooperation between all segments of American society to work together in ensuring that the research necessary to uncover solutions to our environmental problems in a timely manner.

"Not only is investment in renewable energy good for the environment, it will also create new ‘green' jobs. There are tremendous opportunities in the biofuel, wind, and solar energy fields. Our environmental issues may be a challenge, but they are also an opportunity for entrepreneurs, researchers, and blue collar workers to come together and fix our problems while supporting their families at the same time," said Rep. Baca.

Among its key clauses, the resolution points out the need for more sophisticated research and the development of new solutions to environmental issues. It also points out that despite some progress, air quality and other environmental problems still exist in parts of the country.

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