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Rep. Baca Receives a 100% Score from Children's Defense Fund on Voting Record


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Baca Receives a 100% Score from Children's Defense Fund on Voting Record

Congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) has received a 100% score and was named one of the "Best Representatives for Children" by the Children's Defense Fund (CDF), in its recently released nonpartisan Congressional scorecard. The CDF, a non-profit advocacy organization for children's rights, compiled a legislative scorecard evaluating Senators and Members of Congress based on their record on children's issues.

Based on his votes on ten key votes affecting children, Rep. Baca received a score of 100%, reflecting his continuing commitment to the health and welfare of all children.

"I appreciate being recognized by the Children's Defense Fund, but our work to insure that all children have access to health care, a good education, and a safe home is far from over. There are more than nine million uninsured children in our country. In a country as wealthy as ours that is a national disgrace," said Baca. "On tax day, we have the right to ask, ‘Why is the Bush Administration spending billions in Iraq while our children suffer at home?' "

The CDF scorecard is based on votes that affected children in 2007. Some of the issues involved included extending health care to uninsured children, tax relief for low income families with children, and an increase in the minimum wage. On every vote scored by the CDF, Rep. Baca voted for the protection, health and welfare of children and their families.

"The cost of one month in Iraq could extend the Children's Health Insurance Program to nearly ten million children of working families for one year. Why are we spending our tax dollars rebuilding Fallujah instead of reinvesting in Fontana? Why is the Bush administration spending more in Sadr City than in San Bernardino?" said Rep. Baca.

Rep. Baca has introduced legislation in the 110th Congress to help children, assist working families, and improve schools. Some of the bills he has sponsored include the School Energy Crisis Relief Act, the Family Foreclosure Rescue Corporation Act, and the Children Protection from Video Game Violence and Sexual Content Act.

The Children's Defense Fund grew out of the Civil Rights Movement under the leadership of Marian Wright Edelman. It has become the nation's strongest voice for children and families since its founding in 1973. The full scorecard may be seen at

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