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Baca Stands Up For Working Families, Votes to Stop Fast Track Colombia Free Trade Agreement


Location: Washington, DC

Baca Stands Up For Working Families, Votes to Stop Fast Track Colombia Free Trade Agreement

Congressman Joe Baca (D-Rialto) released the following statement in regards to yesterday's vote in the House of Representatives to suspend the requirement that the Colombia Free Trade Agreement be considered within 60 legislative days. The rule, which passed the House with a 224 - 195 vote, became necessary after the President took the unprecedented step of requesting a vote on a trade deal without following the established protocols of Congressional consultation.

"With yesterday's vote to suspend the 60 day rule for consideration of the Colombia Free Trade Agreement, Congress has secured an important victory for working families across our nation."

"The Colombia Free Trade Agreement is a bad deal: bad for workers and businesses in my district, bad for America, and bad for workers in Colombia."

"Too many American families have lost jobs because our past free trade agreements did not lead to the job creation that was expected here at home. NAFTA and CAFTA style trade policies have caused us to lose more than 3 million American jobs, and given us record trade deficits month after month, including a $121 billion deficit in January and February of 2008."

"The President's failure to consult Congress in regards to this trade policy serves as yet another example of how this administration believes the rules do not apply to them. The President has again shown his willingness to help corporate CEOs, who stand to gain from continued free trade agreements, at the expense of America's working and middle class. Instead of addressing the real issues facing our economy, like the housing crisis, unemployment, and the war in Iraq, this administration continues to support economic policies that grow the divide between rich and poor."

"I thank Speaker Pelosi for her leadership in standing up for working families, and opposing the President's misguided request. If passed into law, the Colombia Free Trade agreement will cause more job losses, more poverty and more hardship for workers here."

"I will continue to stand up for American workers and oppose all free trade agreements. Our leaders need to protect American jobs from further off-shoring, create more jobs here, and ensure that all Americans - not just the wealthy few - benefit from our global economy."

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