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Clean Energy Real Key to Addressing Climate Change Says Berkley

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC


President Bush Right to Recognize Need to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Wrong to Rely on More Nuclear, Fossil Fuels

Congresswoman Shelley Berkley (D-NV) today called President Bush right for belatedly recognizing the need to reduce carbon emissions, but said he is wrong to call for more nuclear power plants and a continued reliance by the U.S. on fossil fuels as a means to address global climate change.

"I am glad the President has finally joined me in recognizing the need to reduce carbon emissions that are contributing to climate change. But he is dead wrong when he says that more nuclear power plants and a continued dependence on dirty fossil fuels are the answer to the issue of global warming," said Berkley.

A strong supporter of expanding the use of clean, renewable energy as a means to address climate change and to reduce global warming gases from power plants, Berkley sharply disagrees with the President's call for an increase in the use of nuclear power and America's continued reliance on dirty fossil fuels.

"More nuclear power plants will only mean more nuclear waste and added pressure to ship this toxic garbage to Nevada. Oil and other fossil fuels only add to our carbon emissions, while doing nothing to increase America's energy independence. Renewable energy from the sun, wind and geothermal sources is truly "clean" and can be produced right at home in Nevada. If President Bush wanted to get serious about stopping global warming, he would support my call for ending subsidies to nuclear, oil and gas and investing those dollars to harness the abundance of clean energy that Nevada and our nation are capable of producing," said Berkley.

Legislation authored by Berkley, The FREE Act, would invest in expanding the production of energy from sun, wind and geothermal heat by eliminating subsidies to nuclear, oil and gas. The Congresswoman is also a cosponsor of legislation that would place a cap on U.S. carbon emissions, a step that President Bush did not call for in his remarks this morning.
"The Saudis don't control the wind, Venezuela doesn't own the sun - this is energy we can harness at home to decrease our dependence on outside energy sources," said Berkley. "Tapping the Earth's own natural heat in rural communities around Nevada will not only help solve our energy crisis, but will create new jobs and boost our economy. Families in the Las Vegas Valley should not be forced to accept nuclear waste, more pollution and deeper dependence on foreign fossil fuels in exchange for a commitment to address climate change. I strongly believe we can slash carbon emissions, create new jobs and protect our economy through the expansion of renewable energy and that is precisely the reason I disagree with the President's call for more nuclear plants and greater addiction to fossil fuels."

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