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How do I know if I live in the 2nd Congressional District?

The 2nd Congressional District originates in the Dothan area and encompasses most of the Wiregrass area of the state all the way up to the Montgomery River Region. If you are unsure if your home is located within the district, please visit this link and enter your zip code:

What political experience does Jay Love bring to the race?

Jay is currently serving his second term in the Alabama Legislature where he also holds the position of House Minority Whip, one of the most important jobs within the Republican Caucus. He serves on the House Constitution and Elections Committee and holds a seat on the prestigious Government Operations budget-writing committee.

What has Jay Love accomplished since taking office?

As a result of historic surpluses in the state's operating budget, Rep. Jay Love proposed wide ranging tax cut legislation during the 2006 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature. Historically, powerful special interests and legislative Democrats opposed all tax cut proposals submitted for consideration. Love, working with Gov. Riley and the Democrat budget committee chairs, was able to broker a deal resulting in the first tax cuts in Alabama in more than 70 years.

This year, he has submitted legislation that will further expand upon the original tax cuts and provide additional tax relief to more than 90% of Alabama's families.

Jay has also championed other important issues, such as pushing for a tax cut on small businesses that provide health insurance to their employees and legislation protecting our children from violent and sexually inappropriate video games.

What issues does Jay consider the most important for Congress to address?

There is no doubt that securing our borders and closing the flood of illegal immigrants flowing into Alabama and the rest of the country should be one of Congress' highest priorities. Jay believes that uncontrolled illegal immigration hurts our economy, drains our tax dollars and places our homeland security in jeopardy. In addition to better enforcing our existing laws, we need to make sure that we refuse amnesty to those people who willingly chose to ignore our laws and enter the country illegally.

Promoting the agricultural industry and providing assistance to farmers adversely affected by the on-going drought is another top priority on Jay's list. Farmers and their families have been hit hard, and we need to make sure that the federal government is doing everything possible to support them.

Ensuring that our soldiers and military families have the equipment, resources, and support they need to protect our nation and effectively fight the global War on Terror is also very important to Jay. Within the 2nd Congressional District, we have a proud history of service to our nation and supporting our troops. Jay's goal in Congress is to ensure that tradition continues.

How can I contact Jay Love and his campaign?

Just visit our contact page located here in order to share you thoughts with Jay, ask a question, offer to volunteer or request a yard sign or bumpersticker.

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