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Kerry Statement in Response to President's Radio Address

Location: Unknown

Kerry Statement in Response to President's Radio Address

April 17, 2004

For Immediate Release

In response to the President's radio address today, John Kerry issued the following statement:

"I believe that reforming our intelligence system and strengthening our anti-terrorism laws is critical to protecting our nation. When it comes to protecting our homeland, we must act decisively and swiftly to ensure that the right laws and resources are in place so that the agencies charged with our security communicate with one another. The Patriot Act, however, does not do that on its own which is why it needs to be fixed.

"If the President were truly interested in fixing the intelligence system, he would have long ago listened to what experts and leaders on both sides of the aisle have said is the key reform needed to ensure better intelligence gathering: the consolidation of the competing security agencies under one Director of National Intelligence. A Director of National Intelligence would be best positioned to consolidate the information gleaned from the various security agencies and ensure that the systemic weaknesses that existed before 9/11 are properly addressed."

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