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Kerry Statement in Response to Rumsfeld's Comment in News Conference

Location: Washington, DC

April 15, 2004

For Immediate Release
Washington, DC

Senator John Kerry released the following statement today in response to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's comment that "people are fungible:"

"Secretary Rumsfeld's comment that 'people are fungible' is further indication of this Administration's continuing disregard for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day in Iraq. Secretary Rumsfeld has it wrong. Troops are not chess pieces to be moved on a board, they are real people with families and loved ones who depend on them. From failing to provide our troops with adequate body and vehicle armor to breaking their commitment not to extend assignments beyond one year, this Administration has continually let them down. They deserve more than cold impersonal calculations when their tours are extended, they deserve compassion and understanding of the sacrifice they and their families are making for their country. Our troops are asked to serve in an action where the Administration can't even tell them what the plan is to move forward. They are key to our success in Iraq and deserve more from their leaders."

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