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Letter to the League of Women Voters and Idaho Public Television


Location: Unknown

An open letter to League of Women Voters and Idaho Public Television.

Dear Mr. Peck and IPT, League of Women Voters,

Congratulations and kudos may well be in order. You may have just eliminated the only candidate who has a remote shot at unseating the incumbent republican in the race for the United States Congress in Idaho's 2nd District from your televised debate.

Your certified letter was received on April 3rd, and the letter required that if I am to be considered for an appearance on your televised debate, that in three days I must make two public and political appearances; and that those two appearances must be 200 miles apart from each other; and also include the phone number of the sponsors or newspaper clippings about the events. The deadline for this is superhuman feat is Monday, April 7th!

Mr. Peck, I think that's funny! And once again, Idaho Public Television may become the laughing stock of Idaho for their political chicanery.

I'm not Superman, however . . . . please take note of the way that dictum is written, and I quote: "Evidence of at least two (2) campaign appearances, one of which is at least two hundred miles from another" . . . .

Oops, Mr. Peck, you neglected to say ‘during this campaign cycle'.

While it is true that in three days I cannot possibly set up two separate appearances 200 miles from each other and have the appearances covered by the media, I can make this public statement:

It is a well know fact that Jack Wayne Chappell has made dozens of political and public appearances all over the great State of Idaho, and has appeared on too many radio and television broadcasts to count.

In 1998 and 2000 Jack Wayne Chappell made political headlines all over the state, and you all know it! You're just mad at me because you know full well that I believe your government funding should be cut off completely; and that you should incorporate, issue stock shares to your private sponsors, and become a bona fide broadcast network.

As to the other qualifications, the campaign committee, names addresses, and phone numbers are listed above. Press Releases are attached to this email, and these press releases have been published via email all over the 2nd District of Idaho and many parts of Nevada.

Hard Copy of the first press release has been distributed widely in Twin Falls County and will be distributed throughout the 2nd District as I travel about. A copy of this letter will be faxed today to the Honorable Governor Butch Otter, and Secretary of State Ben Ysursa.

With best wishes for a bright and prosperous future, I am . . .

Sincerely Yours,

Jack Wayne Chappell
Chairman, Futurity Arts West Company

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