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Issue Position: Limited Government

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

This principle works! I agree with President Reagan: "Government which governs least governs best."

* Entitlement Programs. I will shun federal programs that depend on the formation of a large bureaucracy to provide entitlements.
o Health Care. Our goal should be to insure all Americans with private health insurance. A market-based system--not government healthcare-- will work! I favor solutions that incorporate health savings accounts, tax deductions and tort reform.
o SCHIP. I do not support expanding coverage in any way that would draw people away from private health plans.
o Social Security. We have an obligation to fulfill our promises to older generations. That promise should be balanced with policies which provide more personal control for younger generations.
* Federalism. I believe many programs currently run by the federal government - such as the Department of Education - should be left to state and local governments. I will seek to restrict the role of the federal government.
* Education. I reject No Child Left Behind and see it as a violation of core Republican principles. I will vote to repeal it. The federal government should not be in the public education business.
* Public Lands. The federal government needs to stop putting such onerous restrictions on access to our public lands. They are our lands. We need access for outdoor enthusiasts and responsible energy development. Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) payments to Utah continue to be under funded.

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