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Jason Chaffetz: Effective from Day One


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Influence and effectiveness in Congress is earned not by the number of years of service, but by integrity, commitment, work-ethic, and reaching out to others to work together to build real consensus. It also means being right on the issues.

If I am fortunate enough to be elected to Congress, I will join the distinguished, conservative members of Congress who support a "Reagan revolution for the 21st Century." We must build a coalition of like-minded Representatives that will return to our core conservative principles. It's the key to strengthening America and it won't happen until Republicans like you and I stand up and make it happen.

The good news is that there is a group of like-minded Congressmen who are committed to returning the Republican party to conservative principles based on Ronald Reagan's proven leadership. As a member of "Reagan 21" I will be part of an important and growing coalition that has influence and effectiveness in shaping policy.

As we've already proven, just having an "R" next to your name and winning awards isn't enough. Knowing the issues and sticking to core principles will trump seniority every time. As your congressman, I intend to join and support "Reagan 21."

"Americans need a clear alternative to the left's socialist agenda. We need to put forth solutions grounded in freedom that help unleash the positive potential of every American citizen, while putting government in its proper place - serving the American people rather than sapping their economic and moral strength. In other words, we need a Reagan revolution for the 21st Century."

I subscribe to the policy principles advocated by Reagan 21:

Integrity Integrity is the foundation upon which confidence in government is built. Therefore, it is essential that all public officials, including Members of Congress, be held to the highest possible standard.

Tax Reform In order to increase personal saving and liberty, we must replace the federal tax code with a new fairer, flatter tax system based on consumption. To ensure a flourishing economy, American corporate tax rates must be among the lowest in the world.

Budget and Spending To make certain the family budget is protected, the federal government must not spend more than it takes in. We must eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending which we will identify with a top-down review of every single federal government program. We support the Presidential line-item veto and putting a limit on all federal spending.

Entitlement Reform Implement personal ownership of retirement security and health care decisions. All Social Security money must be used only for Social Security. We support Medicaid reform that parallels the successful reform of welfare by block granting federal funds to the states.

Ethics End Earmarks - Until public confidence is restored, we must end all earmarks. To lead by example, Congressional members of Reagan21 will request no new earmarks.

Health Care A quality healthcare system that helps all Americans is one where everyone has personal ownership of their insurance. Our goal is health care coverage for all Americans, where everyone is able to own their personal insurance policy, without meddlesome middlemen and third-party control, and allowing tax equity for the purchase of health insurance.

Education End federal intrusions into local education, including the repeal of NCLB (No Child Left Behind), that are neither productive nor helpful. Local communities, parents and teachers must control their children's education. Education tax credits and opportunity scholarships are pivotal for parents to address their child's educational needs.

Immigration Nothing is more important than the rule of law and border security first. Local police must be empowered to assist federal efforts fighting illegal immigration while the federal government enforces a system of universal employee verification that is reliable and immediate. Adopt English as our official language.

Energy America must become Energy Independent to secure our nation and our economic future. Our policy initiatives include tax incentives for conservation and innovation in alternative fuel technology, environmentally responsible increase in domestic oil production, reducing cumbersome regulations, eliminating boutique fuels and building more refineries.

National Security We pledge to aggressively engage extremists by expanding human intelligence and covert capability. In order to protect America, we must know what our enemies are planning before they act. We are waging the first battles in a war against American freedom and idealism that may last for decades. Although the enemy is new and their tactics have changed, in order to prevail, we understand that America must remain militarily strong and diplomatically engaged.

Reagan 21 Members: Rep. John Kline, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Rep. Eric Cantor, Rep. Jeff Flake, Rep. Virginia Foxx, Rep. Trent Franks, Rep. Patrick McHenry, Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, Rep. Peter Roskam, Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, Senator Richard Burr.

Reagan 21 Executive Committee: Rep. Jeb Hensarling, Rep. John Campbell, Rep. John Shadegg, Rep. Paul Ryan, Senator Tom Coburn, Senator Jim DeMint, Rep. Tom Price.

Send Jason Chaffetz to Congress to join the Reagan Revolution for the 21st Century!

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