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Issue Position: Stopping Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

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Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing issues facing our state and our nation.

The federal government has failed to meet its most fundamental responsibility to protect our borders.

My priorities in the fight against illegal immigration include:

* Authorizing the deployment of the military on the border to assist with controlling illegal immigration.

Too often, border protection duties get shifted to local law enforcement agencies.

- I will insist that Congress properly fund border protection so these costs are no longer shifted to local agencies.

- Until Congress fully meets this financial obligation, I support federal reimbursement to local law enforcement agencies for the costs associated with dealing with illegal immigration.

- Making Congress meet this obligation to defend our borders does not mean increasing federal spending, it means back-to-basics budgeting that requires these primary spending priorities, including border security and national defense, to be funded FIRST in the budget.

- Construction of a complete border fence along the border between the U.S. and Mexico that extends from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. Fence construction should be prioritized along the most heavily trafficked border crossings first.

- Mandatory employer verification of worker eligibility to work in this country.

- Stiff penalties for knowingly hiring illegal workers

- An end to the current catch and release policy by making expedited removal of illegal immigrants mandatory and also requiring the completion of the US-VISIT entry/exit system.

- Prohibiting illegal immigrants from any access to Social Security benefits.

- Removing employer tax deductions for wages and benefits paid to illegal immigrants.

- Limiting birthright citizenship to the children of U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents.

- A comprehensive border and immigration enforcement legislation package that closes the numerous loopholes that currently benefit illegal immigrants. This package must give law enforcement the tools and permission to enforce the laws and to compensate states for the financial impact of illegal immigration.
Making clear that state and local authorities are authorized to apprehend illegal immigrants in the conduct of their routine duties.

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