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A Note From Mike McGrath


Location: Unknown

Earlier this year, I became a candidate for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court. I believe I have the integrity, breadth of experience and commitment to fairness that position demands.

From my start as an attorney providing legal assistance to those in need, I have always been dedicated to working for justice. I view my current role as attorney general as having a higher obligation to the rule of law and the Constitution, and see the office of the Chief Justice as a natural progression. Serving on the Court will allow me the opportunity to continue my public service in an area where I can make a contribution.

My first priority will be to ensure that the Court's opinions are issued in a timely fashion. I firmly believe that justice delayed is justice denied. Moreover, court proceedings should be more accessible to the public. And I intend to continue working on the fight against methamphetamine by promoting the creation of more drug courts across our state.

Being attorney general has given me an opportunity to use my skills and training as a lawyer on behalf of the people of Montana. It is a position I have truly loved and I'm proud that my office has made a real difference for the people of this state.

* Our new Office of Victim Services has served hundreds of Montanans with issues as diverse as identity theft and long-term treatment for meth-addicted mothers and their children.
* The legislature has supported my proposals to substantially expand Montana's consumer protection efforts. Montana citizens can now put a freeze on their credit reports and obtain criminal background checks online. The new End of Life Registry provides a way for hospital personnel to access people's wishes for end of life care from anywhere in the world.
* The Secretary of State and I jointly proposed a new law that will improve Montana's ballot measure process and restore voter confidence in that important political right.
* And during the 2005 Session, I proposed a comprehensive package of legislation designed to reduce methamphetamine production and use. That legislation has proven to be extremely successful in reducing the number of clandestine labs producing meth in our state.

As a member of the State Land Board, I have worked to guarantee public access to Montana's state lands. My administration has made maintaining our clean air and clean water a priority. And I believe future generations may well view our efforts to clean up the Clark Fork River and remove the Milltown Dam near Missoula as a truly historic accomplishment.

While I have enjoyed my job as attorney general, it is time for a new endeavor. I am committed to assuring equal access to justice for all Montanans, and to improving the administration of the Montana judicial branch. I would appreciate your support in this important campaign.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you,


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