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Candidates McMurry, Conlon, Hermanson, and Moloney Demand That Speier Debate Them

Press Release

Location: Burlingame, CA

Statement from Mike Moloney: Tom Lantos Would Have Debated Anyone, Anywhere, Anyplace

"If Jackie Speier has time to mingle with her powerful and wealthy friends, she should make time to debate her opponents about the issues. After all, it is the people who will decide who will represent them in Congress, not the wealthy and powerful, but the average working people with children and mortgages on their hands.

"The wealthy and powerful do not have to worry about losing their jobs to illegal immigrants, they don't worry about paying five dollars for a gallon of gas, they don't worry about their children's education. If Jackie Speier claims that will represent the people, then she owes it to the people to come down from the hill, and tell us where she is all about.

"Jackie, we the people are fed up with you doing photo-ups at the chateau and at Foster City. It is obvious to everyone that you are in bed with the media. You are the darling of the media, but don't you think that is about time that you talk to the people about you positions in regards to the war, healthcare, the economy, immigration, gun control, abortion, etc.

"Jackie, are you going to keep hiding behind the Burton Gang: Willie Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein? Also Jackie, everyone inside politics knows, that you kicked Congressman Lantos when he was down and now, you are claiming his hard earned Congressional seat?

"Shame on you Jackie, come down from the ivory tower, and see if you can earn it. Let see if you are worthy of seating in his chair. You think you are like Hillary Clinton, who you support and you think that you are the heir to Lantos' seat, the same way Hillary thinks that she is the heir apparent to be President."

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