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Stabenow Statement on Korean Announcement Regarding Beef Importation


Location: Washington, DC

Stabenow Statement on Korean Announcement Regarding Beef Importation

U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) made the following statement regarding today's announcement concerning the importation of U.S. beef.

"Today's announcement that Korea intends to resume the importation of U.S. Beef does little to change the fact that the Korean trade agreement is a bad deal for American workers and American businesses. Trade only works when the playing field is level and there is nothing fair about an agreement that allows over 750,000 Korean automobiles into America annually, while Korea continues to use high tariffs and other trade barriers to limit the number of American cars they import to little more than 6,000 a year.

"Nothing is fair about an agreement that asks for American farmers to wait years before getting relief from import tariffs as high as 50 percent. And nothing is fair about an agreement that does little to stop product testing that holds Korean appliance manufacturers to lower standards than their American counterparts.

"This country doesn't need another, so called, ‘free' trade agreement. What we need is to enforce our existing trade laws, improve product safety, and keep our promise to working Americans to ensure a level playing field. Today's announcement does little to change my opposition to this trade agreement."

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