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Issue Position: Tax Policy

Issue Position


When it comes to tax policy, I am not sure I can say it any better than John Edwards does: "Our tax code is the perfect example of the Two Americas -- one for the wealthiest Americans and Washington insiders, and the other for everyone else."

There is a lot that needs to be done -- including a repeal of the Bush tax cuts for the highest income Americans, higher capital gains taxes on investment income, and closing tax loopholes for private equity and hedge funds. We should restrict government contracts to American-based corporations and clarify rules on tax shelters so they cannot be used strictly for tax avoidance.

At the same time, our tax cuts should be focused on areas that will help working families -- with credits that support access to higher education, child care costs, and tax policies that do not punish wage earners.

Tax policy is a place to support broader policy objectives, level the playing field, and tie requirements for concrete results to government support of business and community ventures that strengthen our society.

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