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Daily Review - " GOP Candidates for Congress Respond to Questionnaires: Dan Meuser"


Location: Towanda, PA

Daily Review - " GOP Candidates for Congress Respond to Questionnaires: Dan Meuser"

Age: 44

Address: 73 North Memorial Highway, Shavertown, PA 18707

Office sought: PA 10th Congressional District

Political party: Republican

Occupation: President, Pride Mobility Products, USA

Marital status: Married

Education: Maritime College and Cornell University

1. Why are you seeking the office?

I am running for Congress because I believe that my values and experience match well with the needs of the 10th District. As someone who has helped grow a business with my family, I believe my experience in job creation can help improve our local economy. I am a fiscal and social conservative and believe strongly in the 2nd Amendment, protecting innocent life, and securing our borders.

2. What are your credentials for being an effective representative?

I think that my 20 years at Pride Mobility helping to grow a business with 25 employees into an international leader in mobility products with now over 1,000 employees in NEPA makes me uniquely qualified to go to Washington and work to improve our local and national economy.

3. What have you done to prepare for holding the office?

I have been traveling this entire district meeting and greeting residents and listening to the problems that affect families and our small businesses. Along the way, I have had a great appreciation for their conservative values as well as their readiness to vote for someone with the kind of experience that can help our economy.

4. What are the top five issues as you see them?

1.Improving our economy and creating jobs

2.Winning the War on Terror

3.Combating illegal immigration

4.Cutting wasteful spending

5.Protecting our conservative values

5. What would you do about them?

I will be an advocate for conservative solutions to our nation's problems. From lowering taxes and cutting wasteful spending to providing our troops with the necessary tools they need to win the War on Terror, I will advocate for conservative policies that improve the lives of everyday citizens.

6. What will you do to keep costs and taxes in line?

We must make permanent the 2001 and 2003 Republican tax cuts. By voting to eliminate them, Congressman Carney has voted for a huge tax increase on the middle class. We also must continue to lower taxes, including eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax, which will raise taxes on 25 million middle class families this year alone.

7. What have you been doing to campaign?

I have spent the past 10 months traveling the 10th District and meeting with well over 10,000 people. I believe that my private sector job creating experience, my conservative values, and my commitment to the region makes me well prepared to represent the people of the 10th District effectively.

8. What strategy should the United States pursue regarding the war in Iraq?

We must continue to listen to leaders like General David Petreaus and other military leaders on the ground in Iraq so that we can accomplish our mission and bring our troops home as soon as possible. General Petreaus has done an excellent job beginning to secure the country and training new Iraqi battalions. It will soon be time for Iraqis to stand up and American soldiers stand down, but we cannot leave an unstable Iraq in the Middle East.

9. If you were elected to Congress, what would you do to help bring good jobs to the district?

I think that on the local level, being an advocate for the area is a key for the next Congressman. As someone who has created jobs right here in the 10th District, I have the experience to sit down with CEOs and relate to them how wonderful our area is and how strong our workforce is right here in Northeastern and Central PA.

I also believe that we need to continue to invest in our communities. While I support a plan to eliminate earmarks, I will fight for targeted funding that has real return on investment for our infrastructure and other quality of life projects to make the area more attractive.

We also must lower taxes and regulations for job creators.

10. What steps would you take to make sure the Social Security system can meet its future obligations?

I believe that Social Security is a commitment that must be honored and that it is something that our seniors have paid into and earned. Therefore, I oppose any efforts to privatize Social Security because of the short term threats to the program this can pose. I believe we need to work on a bi-partisan solution to Social Security so that we have a real plan to honor our commitments.

11. What changes would you make to the Medicare system?

I believe that Medicare is another commitment we have made, and I will do everything I can to protect Medicare from those who would like to slash this important program to seniors. Like every program, I will investigate cost savings and other reforms to make sure we honor our commitment with the best possible quality care at the lowest cost to the American taxpayer.

12. What measures should the government take, if any, to improve the economy?

We need to first make permanent the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003. Secondly, we must slow the growth of government. Former Lt. Governor Bill Scranton often said that you can either grow the government or grow the economy, and we need to stop growing government.

We must create a better climate for business, and this includes lower taxes, less regulation, and legal reform that creates stability in our legal system and our economy.

13. Does the War on Terror just have a military solution?

I think it needs to have both a military solution and a long term diplomatic solution. We must do a better job diplomatically so we can share intelligence and in the cost with our allies who have a stake in stopping the threat of radical Islam. In Iraq, they Iraqi people must make the most of the opportunity we have provided them.

14. What would you do about illegal immigration?

We must secure the borders first. We have to fully fund and construct the border fence, add new border patrol agents, and stop the flow of illegals into this country. As someone who has had to deal with this issue in my business, I know that this can be a severe threat to our economy, our national security, and our citizens' safety.

15. As a congressman, would you work to secure government funding for economic development in Bradford County?

On this issue, I believe there is a big difference between my opponent [Chris Hackett] and myself. He has signed a pledge that will send our hard earned tax dollars to Washington and have no chance of returning home to improving our economic development in the 10th District. His plan will not save $1, but will send our dollars to California and Massachusetts. The only pledge that I will make is to the residents of this district, and I will work hard to invest in our communities, so our children and grandchildren can stay and raise their families here.

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