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Hearing of the Military Construction Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee-European Command


Location: Washington, DC

Hearing of the Military Construction Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Committee-European Command


REP. JOHN CARTER (R-TX): Mr. Chairman, I understand you want to ask -- (inaudible) -- and that's a question I really wanted answered.

REP. EDWARDS: So follow-up if you need to.

REP. CARTER: Well I, we are, I'm still worried about what exactly is going to happen with the delay on the two BCT's.

This was supposed to come out -- (inaudible) -- and as we look at global force I understand what the general conversation and I apologize for being late.


REP. CARTER: But the real concern for us is we're trying to figure out some things -- (inaudible) -- as to why we're not going to have -- (inaudible) -- and it's part of the mix and so I still curious about that question.

MR. CRADDOCK: Congressman, largely an Army issue, all I know is that in conversations with the Army chief and the Army commander in Europe, those two brigades are designated for return. And that's a Title X issue. Now where they go, how that factors in with the removal of the brigade with battalion flags around the Continental United States based upon the Army -- (inaudible).

The two issues here, from my perspective, one there was a Title X issue of where the Army's going to put everybody, in fact we did some things for the Army -- (inaudible) -- having to do that, the Army says we'll leave them here a little longer -- (inaudible) -- that's all my problem was -- (inaudible).

I think come '12, '13 that they're going to go and either by then there's a decision that we still need four or if two's going to be enough and there'll be other ways to scratch the itch, such as location brigades and things like that -- (inaudible).

REP. CARTER: I know the question you were answering but I couldn't hear the answer -- (inaudible) -- money in this particular appropriation bill for barracks and dining facilities and that type of things to service them and you were talking in the other direction and I couldn't hear the answer -- (inaudible).

MR. CRADDOCK: As I understand that's correct, this is '09 is looking for -- (inaudible) -- to build the facility -- (inaudible) -- then the '10, '11, '12 budgets to come in, then we would know -- (inaudible) -- so we could size the facility to accommodate how many of our forces -- (inaudible).

REP. CARTER: -- (inaudible) -- thank you Mr. Chairman.


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