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Issue Position: Protecting Our Homeland - Homeland Security Department

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Protecting Our Homeland - Homeland Security Department

The desire to create a domestic agency capable of protecting Americans from terrorism is bipartisan - even universal. The United States must better focus its counter-terrorism efforts if we are to avoid future attacks. Too many agencies and organizations inside the government share responsibility for responding to terrorism domestically. By making one Cabinet level agency in charge of Homeland Security we will have only one person in charge. The bureaucracy underneath the Secretary will have only one unifying priority. The advantages of that change cannot be overestimated.

For these reasons, I supported the creation of a new Homeland Security Department in the last session of Congress. I believe that this new department has vast potential to make our country safer. Now that Congress has passed legislation creating a Homeland Security Department, Congress now faces the difficult and monumental task of actually putting the parts together into a whole greater than its sum.

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