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Issue Position: Revitalize GI Bill

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Revitalize GI Bill

The GI Bill presently does not serve our returning war veterans very well. For those who have sacrificed for our nation and removed that burden from the rest of us, they should be rewarded with assurance that we will assist them with tuition for trade school, college or even graduate school. The current GI Bill covers very little of the cost of tuition and only after the veteran has paid the bill are they reimbursed for their expenses.

Additionally, when the Clinton administration reduced overall force strength on active duty with the remainder to be drawn from the Reserves and National Guard, there were no provisions for these soldiers to access the GI Bill when they were taken off active duty in the war theatre and placed back into reserve status. These men and women should be given the opportunity to obtain a college degree because they have earned it and our gratitude.

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