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Trade "Concessions" Prove Useless to Stop Flood of Chinese Textiles from Oman

Press Release

Location: Biscoe, NC

Despite Congressmen Robin Hayes' (NC-8) vote against the Oman Free Trade Agreement yesterday, he admits that more Asian textile goods will be flooding America and continuing to cost us jobs here at home. In a prepared statement, Hayes stated that the Oman Trade deal included a Tariff Preference Level (TPL) that will do nothing to stop more Asian textile goods into the system than exists today.

"Asia in general and China in particular continues to be a threat to U.S. manufacturing jobs," admitted Hayes.

In June, China's trade surplus increased to a record $14.5 billion - a 49% rise from the same month a year ago when Hayes said he got concessions. For the first half of 2006, China's trade surplus was $61.4 billion and the US trade deficit continues to rise to record highs.

Today, Larry Kissell, 27 year veteran of the local textile industry and Democratic candidate for Congress in North Carolina 's 8th district, criticized Hayes for trading his CAFTA vote for nothing, pointing out that the so-called concessions are proving useless in stopping the ever growing trade deficit with Asia.

"The so-called trade concessions that Hayes praises are a smoke-screen that Washington politicians use to try to hide the truth that bad trade deals like CAFTA and OMAN cost us jobs here at home. May the good Lord forgive him, because the people of the 8th District can not," said Kissell.

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