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Kissell Lesson Plan


Location: Biscoe, NC

High School teacher Larry Kissell, Democratic Nominee for Congress in North Carolina's 8th District, rolled out his plan to reform President Bush's controversial No Child Left Behind program in Anson County today.

"The best thing about No Child Left Behind is the message implied in its name. We can do better. My 5-point plan simplifies the overly complex and punitive burden on our education system with real life perspective from the classroom," said Kissell.

Kissell's lesson plan for reforming NCLB:

-1) Adequately fund the mandates.
-2) Reduce the punitive nature while keeping accountability.
-3) Move to growth modules that treat students as individuals.
-4) Allow flexibility for hiring highly qualified teachers.
-5) Stop penalizing diversity.

"We need the government's help, not Washington's bureaucracy. Congressman Hayes and I don't see eye to eye on this issue," said Kissell.

Congressman Hayes was questioned by the Montgomery County School Superintendent a few months ago about No Child Left Behind and lost his temper. It was reported that Hayes' response to the Superintendent's line of questioning was to remind him, "You need me more than I need you!" [Montgomery Herald, "Answers Still Nowhere to Be Found" - Dec. 7, 2005]

"We need a Congressman who realizes that it is our children's needs that are important. Give our schools the funding and the flexibility to adapt for whatever challenges may arise and our schools will begin to truly leave no child behind," Kissell concluded.

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