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Kissell Backs Representative Shuler's SAVE Act


Location: Biscoe, NC

Larry Kissell, candidate for Congress in NC's 8th District commended his friend, Representative Heath Shuler, for introducing the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act today. Kissell strongly supports the bipartisan 3-part plan to drastically reduce illegal immigration with a strict emphasis on border security, employer verification, and interior enforcement.

"Illegal immigration is one of the most pressing issues facing America today. It is estimated that over 12 million people are currently here illegally, and thousands more are coming in every week," said Rep. Shuler. "Americans are very upset at their government for not taking action, and they have a right to be."

"Congressman Shuler's bill takes the right steps to help stop illegal immigration by securing our borders and enforcing our nation's laws," said Kissell. "I have always said that the solutions to our country's immigration crisis have to be grounded in sound public policy, not hate. Heath's plan is fair, and will allow legal immigration to continue while protecting our borders from those who do not follow the law. His plan is pure and simple common sense."

The SAVE Act addresses border security by increasing manpower and making needed technological and infrastructure improvements on America's northern and southern borders. The bill gives law enforcement the support they need, including 8,000 new Border Patrol Agents. The SAVE Act also expands the E-Verify program to provide all employers the tools to ensure that their employees are here legally. The E-Verify program is a simple, effective, and free program which will allow employers to efficiently and quickly ensure that the people they hire are legally allowed to work in the U.S. The SAVE Act also provides the tools, resources and infrastructure necessary to enforce existing federal laws and penalize offenders. It increases the investigative abilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement with more agents and more training. Additionally, it provides assistance for state and local law enforcement.

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