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Towanda Daily Review - "GOP Candidates Stump in Towanda"

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Towanda Daily Review - "GOP Candidates Stump in Towanda"

State Rep. Steven Cappelli, who is running for the state Senate in the 23rd District, recently secured $150,000 in federal funds to help pay for a scoreboard at a historic ballfield in Williamsport, an example of his ability to bring home funds for the area he represents, according to his campaign director, Bill Hall.

But one of his opponents in the race for the state Senate seat, Doug McLinko, said that in Wysox Township, scoreboards were purchased by holding fund raisers, "instead of taking tax money from Harrisburg."

That, McLinko said, is how things are done in the rural areas of the 23rd District. McLinko, who is currently a Bradford County commissioner, had in the past served as a township supervisor in Wysox Township.

"You can't say you're against spending, and then talk about all the grant money you're going to bring home," McLinko said, referring to Cappelli.
The comments made by McLinko and Cappelli took place at a luncheon of the Bradford County Council of Republican Women, which was held at the Towanda Elks Lodge. At the luncheon, Republican candidates for Congress and state Senate, or their surrogates, made speeches of up to three minutes.


Hall said that Cappelli was unable to attend Tuesday's event in Towanda because of work he needed to do as a state representative.

Besides being Cappelli's campaign director, Hall is a Williamsport city councilman. Cappelli has been an active member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the past seven years, and, prior to that, had served as mayor of Williamsport, Hall said.

Due to its shrinking population and its rising municipal expenses - such as for fire and police services - Williamsport is always looking for funds, Hall said. And, as state representative, Cappelli has delivered funds for the Williamsport area - $35 million over the past seven years, Hall said.
Bringing that kind of money to one's district can be done "if you know how to tap it, and obviously not everyone (in the House of Representatives) does," Hall said. "Many who do know how to tap it live in places like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, so a lot of money goes there," Hall said.

Hall indicated Cappelli would secure funding for Bradford County, too, if elected.

"What he does in Williamsport, he will do here," Hall said.

"He's really into reducing taxes," Hall said, adding that, along with reducing taxes, Cappelli also understands the need to reduce spending.

As mayor of Williamsport, Cappelli cut $1.3 million from the city budget without raising taxes, Hall said.


McLinko, a Bradford County commissioner, said that Bradford County mirrors the rural areas of the 23rd District, which is "mostly all of the 23rd District."
McLinko said that, during his campaign for the state Senate, he has knocked on well over 1,000 doors.

"I've been everywhere" in the district, he said. "We'll continue to pound on doors."

McLinko said he was running for the state Senate "to bring back the soul of our party."


Dan Meuser, one of two Republican congressional candidates in the 10th District, said at Tuesday's event, which was held at the Towanda Elks Lodge: "I don't believe that our present member of congress is representing the (10th) District as it should be - getting things done here at home and representing your values in Washington.

"We do need to help families make ends meet by lowering energy costs and making health care be more affordable ... and by creating a more (favorable) environment for businesses to add more employees," Meuser said.

"The right person in Congress, that is a person of principals and communicates well with you and is conservative and votes in a manner that moves our district forward rather than backward is what the 10th District deserves," Meuser said.

"I believe that my business experience, my training in the last 20 years in business, and my conservative principals will deliver for the people of the 10th District," Meuser said.

If elected to Congress, "I assure you that your conservative principals will be brought to Washington consistently, every day and in every vote," Meuser said.


Chris Hackett, the other Republican congressional candidate in the 10th District, was unable to attend Tuesday's event in Towanda, because he had other campaign duties he was fulfilling elsewhere in the district, according to Hackett's campaign manager, George Ferrell.

Therefore Ferrell spoke on Hackett's behalf.

"I believe he (Hackett) is a man of strong principals, a true conservative, and one has been able to not only identify issues, but to identify solutions," Ferrell said. "He is very familiar with the issues," Ferrell said.

Ferrell said he that Hackett had told him that he was running for Congress because "he felt this nation was not going to be the same nation he inherited from his grandparents."

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