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Towanda Daily Review - "Election Digest: The Race for Congress in the 10th District"

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Towanda Daily Review - "Election Digest: The Race for Congress in the 10th District"

Is U.S. Rep. Chris Carney a liberal, in the political center, or a conservative?

The National Journal, a weekly news magazine covering Congress and the White House, this month released the results of their 2007 Vote Ratings, ranking members of the House of Representatives from liberal to conservative. The National Journal found that U.S. Rep. Chris Carney is in the exact center of the political spectrum in the House of Representatives, ranked at 217th out of the 429 House members examined, according to a news release from Carney's office.

The National Journal rankings are based on 107 key votes in the House during 2007.

"I'm a conservative Democrat," said Carney, as quoted in the March 8 issue of the National Journal. "And that's where our district is — with family values, people who attend church, and people like me who are gun owners, hunters and fly fishermen ... I have no hesitation when I vote against the party view if it conflicts with the values of my district."

Carney and middle class

The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy (DMI) this month issued their " 2007 Congressional Scorecard" today to highlight members of Congress who have consistently supported issues important to middle-class families — including issues like health care, college affordability, and the impact of free trade agreements. And, according to DMI, "One representative, who demonstrated a sincere desire to strengthen and expand America's middle class, and the votes to prove it, was Congressman Christopher Carney," states a news release from Carney's office.

"I came to Congress committed to fighting for middle-class families," Carney said. "I am honored to receive an A+ rating from Drum Major Institute on their Middle-Class Congressional Scorecard. I've maintained that more needs to be done to protect our families in northeast and central Pennsylvania, including permanent middle-class tax cuts."


Chris Hackett, who is seeking the Republican nomination for the seat in Congress that represents the 10th District, on Monday launched a new television ad. Focusing on the important economic issues that are affecting the 10th District, Hackett notes in the ad the need to lower taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, and create better job opportunities.

"Improving our local economy is a huge priority," Hackett says in the ad. "Washington doesn't create jobs, but it can destroy them."

The ad also notes Hackett's experience as a financial expert and business leader, according to Hackett's campaign. The ad says that Hackett is the only candidate in the 10th District to sign the Citizens Against Government Waste pledge to stop wasteful earmark spending.

In a news release, Hackett's campaign claimed that Carney has "lost touch with Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania values by voting for liberal New York Congressman Charlie Rangel's $2 million dollar pork earmark named after Rangel and then having Rangel host a $5,000 per person fundraising lunch for Carney's campaign committee in Washington."


Dan Meuser, the other candidate seeking the Republican nomination for the seat in Congress that represents the 10th District, was recently at a campaign event in Stevensville, where he described his business experience and discussed his views.

Meuser is the president of Pride Mobility Products and has worked for 20 years to help grow the company into one of Northeastern Pennsylvania's largest employers, with over 1,000 local jobs, according to a news release from Meuser's campaign.

"For me, creating jobs, being financially accountable, providing health care, and setting goals are not just abstract theories — these are things I have done every day in business," Meuser told those at the Stevensville event, according to the news release.

Dick Harris, one of Meuser's Bradford County co-chairs, introduced Meuser at the event and commended him for the many visits he has made to Bradford County.

"The dozens of visits Dan has made here shows a real commitment to understanding the local priorities and working with the people of Bradford County," Harris said.

Reducing taxes on working families and small businesses, shrinking bureaucracy, and working to expand existing businesses and bring new ones to the area are some of Meuser's top priorities, according to the news release.

"I want to go to work for you and use my business experience to help make our area more competitive economically," Meuser told those at the Stevensville event, according to the news release. "I want your children and grandchildren to be able to stay in Northeastern Pennsylvania, have economic opportunities, and raise their families here."

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