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Issue Position: Business

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Business

Senator Dodd is a long-time advocate for good jobs, growing businesses, and a strong American economy. He has long believed that the best social program is a good job. To that end, he has established a long and distinguished record on issues supporting our country's businesses and workers.

That record includes working to balance the federal budget to help keep interest rates low for businesses and consumers. In fact, he was an early proponent of pay-as-you-go reforms to require greater fiscal discipline, and he was a key supporter of the budget bills that led to budget surpluses in the late 1990's -- the first such surpluses in three decades. Similarly, he has opposed the tax and spending policies of the current administration that have turned budget surpluses into record budget deficits. Senator Dodd also supports the research and development tax credit and other tax incentives that can encourage America's businesses to innovate and grow. Similarly, he advocates small business loans and guarantees as well as manufacturing extension partnerships -- all of which have proven track records of encouraging businesses to incorporate and expand. He has consistently fought to improve education and job training so that American workers can continue to earn the best jobs in the global economy. In an effort to help American businesses succeed in overseas markets, he has supported a number of trade initiatives. Likewise, in order to ensure a level playing field with our international competitors, he has introduced legislation to limit foreign offsets which often force U.S. companies to outsource overseas. He has been a leader in efforts to reduce frivolous securities and class action lawsuits that can cripple the ability of businesses to create jobs. In addition, he is the author of the United States Workers Protection Act, which would prohibit Americans' federal tax dollars from being used to support the outsourcing of American jobs. In Senator Dodd's view, the federal government should support the export of American goods and services, not American jobs.

Senator Dodd has received numerous honors for his efforts on behalf of America's businesses and workers. He received the first-ever Founder's Circle Award from the Technology Network, an association of high-tech companies and investors. He was also named Legislator of the Year by the Information Technology Industry Council for his leadership on high-tech issues.

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