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Issue Position: Seniors

Issue Position

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Issue Position: Seniors

Our nation's senior citizens have worked long and hard to better the economy, raise families and serve their country and their communities. That is why Senator Dodd believes that older Americans deserve to live independently and with dignity through their golden years. The contributions that they have made -- and will continue to make -- are too important to be ignored.

Senator Dodd has been a staunch proponent of initiatives that improve the quality of life for seniors and enable them to continue to contribute to their country, their communities, and their families. He has supported efforts to strengthen and modernize Social Security for future generations of retirees. Similarly, he has steadfastly opposed efforts by the current Administration and its supporters to privatize Social Security and thereby put seniors' retirement security at risk. He championed the National Senior Service Corps, which offers seniors the opportunity to lend their skills and insight to children and the elderly in need of care. He also authored the Family and Medical Leave Act, which has allowed more than 35 million Americans -- including many seniors -- up to 12 weeks per year of unpaid leave to care for a sick spouse or parent.

Believing that our seniors should receive the benefits to which they are entitled and that their medical needs must be met, Dodd fought against plans to weaken Medicare -- including proposals to raise premiums and reduce coverage for essential care like home health visits. He has supported measures to improve federal nursing home standards and protect spouses and adult children from impoverishment due to the skyrocketing costs of Medicaid nursing home bills.

Additionally, Dodd has consistently opposed cuts to Medicaid, which helps low-income seniors afford medicine, home care and doctors' visits. He has worked to guarantee Medicare's solvency and success for future generations of seniors. In that regard, he opposed so-called Medicare "reform" legislation that contains billions of dollars in giveaways to health industry companies, while doing an inadequate job of helping seniors afford the medicines they need to live healthy lives. He is committed to ensuring that seniors and the disabled receive the Medicare that they need and deserve.

In addition to his efforts to secure top-notch health care for seniors, Senator Dodd has consistently supported the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, which helps heat the homes of lower-income seniors in winter months and cool them in the summer. This effort, too, reflects his commitment to giving seniors the tools they need to live vital, healthy, contributing lives.

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