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Support Our Troops | I support our Troops and the successes they are advancing in Iraq. As the son of a Navy veteran, the father of a purple heart wounded warrior soldier, and 25-year veteran volunteer fire fighter, and an EMT and rescue technician public service is the blood of my family.

Assure Tax Cuts / Strong Economy | Individuals must retain more of their hard earned income and should determine for how they wish to spend or invest their money. Tax cuts have been one of the most effective means of growing our economy. I will not support punishing taxpayers with new or expanded taxes

Prevent the Tolling of Interstate 80 | We must absolutely prevent the tolling of Interstate 80 to keep our industry transportation rolling, keep travel affordable for local citizens and keep secondary roads safe!

Respect the Rights of the Unborn | I will always stand for the rights of the unborn innocent lives that cannot advocate for themselves.

Reduce the Size & Cost of Government | It is time to right size government. A household would never survive if a family exercised the same careless financial management that we see in our federal government.

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights | I support our constitutional and civil rights to acquire, possess, transport and use firearms for lawful purposes. I am a life-time hunter and grew up in a family owned sporting goods business. During my previous State House race I received the highest possible rating by the NRA.

Advocate for Rural and Elder Health Care | I have advocated for greater older adult Medicare access and less government regulation. We need common sense approach to keep people well and make them better. I will continue this leadership. As a veteran health care professional and trained / licensed Nursing Home Administrator, I am uniquely qualified to assure this happens.

Eliminate Foreign Energy Dependence - I will continue the work of John Peterson to expand the use of alternative fuels that burn cleaner and be cost-efficient. We must eliminate our reliance on foreign energy.

Grow Vocational / Technical and Community College Education Opportunities | As the Counties in the 5th Congressional District have faced challenges with job loss and plant closings, our citizens need access to training and education that will provide new opportunities and family sustaining jobs. This type of opportunity requires additional vocational / technical and community college resources.

Stop Illegal Immigration | Our Country was built upon by men and women who immigrated to our County legally. We need to seal our borders to illegal immigration. We must respect those that respect our rule of law and seek immigration through legal means. I support looking at innovations that would facilitate the legal immigration processes.

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