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Kerry Honored with 100% Rating by Women's Advocate

Press Release

Location: Boston, MA


The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has given Senator John Kerry their highest possible100% rating, citing his work on strengthening hate crimes laws, making college more affordable, addressing the pay gap between men and women, and raising the minimum wage.

"As the father of two daughters the fight for equal opportunity for women is personal to me, from equal pay and college sports, to health care, to the right to privacy. I am proud of my record of fighting for these issues and with the help and support of my friends in the AAUW I will keep up the fight until we fully achieve economic and social justice for women across Massachusetts and America," said Senator Kerry.

"On behalf of the bipartisan members of the AAUW of Massachusetts, I want to thank Senator Kerry for his 100 percent rating in our recently published AAUW Congressional Voting Record," said Patricia Ho, AAUW New England Regional Director and a past president of AAUW of Massachusetts. "We greatly appreciate his consistent support for AAUW's priority issues in the first session of the 110th Congress, including making college more accessible, strengthening hate crimes laws, defending international family planning programs, and raising the minimum wage."

During his 35 years in public service - as a prosecutor, Lieutenant Governor, and throughout 23 years in the United States Senate - John Kerry has been a champion for women's rights. From protecting a woman's right to privacy to working toward equal pay for equal work, Kerry has fought for fairness and for America's women.

Senator Kerry and Senator Ted Kennedy together led the Senate's filibuster against the Alito nomination in order to protect Roe vs. Wade and the Constitutional right to privacy. He has consistently received 100% ratings from NARAL and Planned Parenthood on behalf of his work on reproductive rights.

Kerry has been a longtime supporter of the Violence Against Women's Act. Kerry has worked on the Women's Retirement Security Act, developing pension legislation especially geared towards the unique retirement security issues facing women. He has introduced legislation to strengthen the Earned Income Tax Credit which will help many working women who are the heads of households with children. Kerry has also been a consistent advocate for broader health coverage for pregnant women.

Kerry last year voted to give workers a long overdue raise by increasing the federal minimum wage; of the 13 million workers who currently receive the federal minimum wage approximately 59 percent are women.

As Chairman of the Senate's Small Business Committee, Kerry has been a longtime supporter of Women's Business Centers, including the Center for Women and Enterprise in Boston, as well as affiliates in Worcester and Providence. He has authored several successful bills expanding and strengthening the program.

Kerry is also working closely with Senator Kennedy to reverse the erroneous Supreme Court decision in the Ledbetter case so that women who have been subject to pay discrimination can recoup back pay.

Founded in 1881, the AAUW is one of the oldest women's organizations dedicated to promoting equality for women, through advocacy, education and research. The Association has approximately 100,000 members, 1,000 branches and 500 college/university institution partners nationwide.

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