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Congressman Paul Broun Votes Against Democrats' Plan for Record Tax and Spending Increases

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Paul Broun announced today that he voted against the Democrat's budget proposal, a plan that contains the largest tax increase in American history. The Democrat's budget contains measures that increase taxes by a record $683 billion dollars, spends over $16 billion on 11,000 earmarks, and takes no steps to reform the entitlement spending that is driving the nation further into debt. In fact, it is estimated that under the Democrat's proposal, the average taxpayers in Georgia will face an additional $2,743 in Federal taxes.

"The Democrat's budget plan is a return to the same tax and spend policies that Georgians have rejected time and time again," said Broun. "It makes no sense for Congress to be considering a historic tax increase at a time that the economy is showing signs of weakness, and people are facing the prospect of paying over $4 a gallon for gas. We should be spending our time focusing on ways to put more money in people's pockets, rather than saddling them with ever increasing tax burdens."

Under the Democratic budget, which passed last night by a vote of 212-207:

Nearly 48 million married couples will be penalized with a $3,000 tax increase
Low-income families will be hit when the child tax credit is cut by $500 per child
Almost 18 million senior citizens will have to pay an extra $2,100 in taxes
About 27 million small-business owners will be strapped with a $4,000 tax increase
Reinstating the Death Tax will cost taxpayers an additional $180.6 billion
Congressman Broun voted in favor of an alternative budget proposal offered by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) which did not raise taxes, contained hard spending caps, included an immediate moratorium on all pork-barrel earmarked spending, and balanced the budget. The alternative budget did not pass.

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