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Marshall Parthenon - "Ketchum resigns from Board"

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Location: Huntington, WV

Marshall Parthenon - "Ketchum resigns from Board"

A Marshall University Board of Governors member has resigned to run for office in the West Virginia Supreme Court.

Menis E. Ketchum, former board vice chair, gave his resignation Jan. 2 due to campaign commitments according to a Marshall University-issued press release.

"If I were to remain on the board while running for office, I feel it would have the potential to create the appearance of a conflict of interest," Ketchum said, "I care too much for the university and value the accomplishments we've been able to achieve over this last six years to allow that to happen."

Michael Sellards, president and chief executive officer of St. Mary's Medical Center, has been appointed by Gov. Joe Manchin to resume Ketchum's term on the board through the end of June.

Ketchum contributed to many projects including acquiring locations for moving the softball and baseball fields, construction of an engineering lab and establishing new degree programs.

"He's been very much involved in anything and everything that Marshall has been involved in since Dr. Kopp came here," Board member Michael A. Perry said, "Menis only has one speed and that's full."

In his absence Ketchum said he would like to see completed the projects that were begun during his term as well as substantial raises for faculty and staff.
Perry said Ketchum's dedication to West Virginia and not to money has motivated him to run for office.

"I have found him to be a good scholar of the law, to be imminently fair, to be quite intelligent, energetic, hardworking and honest," Perry said, "We need judges who are more inclined to interpret the law, not make laws."

Board of Governors Chairman Robert Shell Jr. took over Ketchum's role as chairman in July. He said he considered Ketchum a valuable member.

"I seriously doubt we'll ever have a chairman that pays attention to detail and works as hard," Shell said.

Ketchum is busy on the campaign trail now as he prepares for the election in November. He said he plans to remain in Huntington if elected.

"I really enjoyed Marshall and resigning from the board is one of the hardest things I've ever done," Ketchum said.

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