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KCPW News - Governor Huntsman Files for Re-Election

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KCPW News - Governor Huntsman Files for Re-Election

Governor Jon Huntsman trekked all the way across the Capitol Building this afternoon with his family to officially file for the 2008 election. The governor says he's asking for residents to vote based on not only what he's done, but what he is planning to accomplish next term.

"Things like closing the gap on the uninsured, which we think we can finish in a second term," said the governor. "Keeping the economy as the very best and strongest in the country, where it is today, and little things that I want to finish, like completing the elimination of the sales tax on food."

The governor expects that his fellow Republicans on the Hill will do well this year based on the economy, being ranked the best-managed state in the country and their support of education.

"For three years runnning now, we've put record amounts of into education, into teacher support, into things like transportation and mobility, so there's a lot to take home to the constituents," said Governor Huntsman.

The governor has pledged to serve only one more term if re-elected. He won with nearly 58 percent of the popular vote in 2004. So far, it's been reported that two Democrats plan to run against him: management consultant Bob Springmeyer from Salt Lake City, and real estate developer Monty Nafoosi from Bountiful.

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