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About Kirk Schuring


Location: Unknown

Kirk Schuring's background is rooted in his private sector and community involvement. He has used it to promote solid legislative initiatives that transcend partisan politics and are a true reflection of the real life experiences of the people he serves.
Early Private Sector Experiences

Kirk learned about the business world early in his life while listening to his father talk about the impact government was having on both his insurance agency and the overall economy in general. Later as a young man, Kirk got a chance to be a businessman himself when he joined his family's insurance agency in 1978. Kirk quickly saw how governmental policies on a local, state and national level affected his family's business. It was from that experience that Kirk decided he could make a difference by getting involved in community and civic affairs.
Community and Civic Duty

His community and civic involvement helped shape Kirk. At the beginning of his insurance career, Kirk took it upon himself to become active in a wide variety of organizations, ranging from the Chamber of Commerce to the Republican Party. He worked tirelessly for the causes he chose to champion, and as a result, quickly ascended to positions of leadership. Early on, he assumed the presidency of the Jaycees and the Young Republicans. In ensuing years he became President of the Canton Urban League and the Canton Club and Chairman of the Stark/Wayne Christmas Seal Drive and the Chamber's Vision 1 Committee. Throughout his community service, Kirk was known as a leader who could bring people together to accomplish desired outcomes.. People knew that once Kirk set his sight on a goal, he would tenaciously pursue it until it was reached.
Public Service

Although Kirk was active in local politics he never considered the possibility of seeking elected office. He preferred supportive duties rather than being in the forefront. However all that changed in 1993. At that time, Kirk saw an open Ohio House seat as an opportunity to utilize his experiences in the private sector, as businessman and civic leader, to make public policy. During his 14 years in the Ohio Legislature, this is what he has done. Kirk has always made it his top priority to be accessible and responsive to the people he serves. This is reflected in the type of legislation Kirk has authored into law. Most of Kirk's bills have come from ideas shared with him back home. His legislation addressing economic development, education, healthcare, and crime, in large part, has become law due to Kirk having the pulse of his local community.
Future Vision

As we look to the future, Kirk continues to use his past business, community and civic experiences as a basis for public policy. He believes that we live in dynamic times when change is often inevitable. He feels that government can no longer afford to conduct business as usual and always protect the status quo. Kirk has a vision for our state and nation with fresh ideas to address complex issues. He is confident that by working together we can put our state and nation on the right track.

Kirk is listed in Who's Who of Emerging Leaders in America and Who's Who in American Politics. He and his wife Darlene have been married for 31 years and have two children, Derrick and Kristin.

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