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Issue Position: Economics: Fiscal Responsibility is National Security

Issue Position

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There is no rationale for a fiscally irresponsible $8.2 trillion debt making us safer as it's largely funded by growing sources of economic instability and threats to our solvency like China. Proponents of globalization and "free" trade may point to record corporate profit and expansion, but that's little comfort to those having lost their livelihoods as we outsource our domestic manufacturing readiness and capability in a cynical race to the bottom.

Our representative that calls himself a conservative should spend less time handing out checks this campaign season while running a tab for our children with the People's Republic of China, and more time balancing the deficit he helped create in our Republican-led "borrow and spend" Congress. Some reflection on his CAFTA reversal disemploying more of the 8th district further, while setting the stage for even greater trade deficits with Central America, would serve him well too during his final days in Congress.

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