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The Citizens Voice - "Meuser kicks off campaign in Kingston"

News Article

Location: Kingston, PA

Dan Meuser, R-Harveys Lake, a candidate for U.S. Representative in the 10th District, kicked of his campaign in Luzerne County on Friday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 283 in Kingston.

A crowd of more than 400 people attended the spirited rally, at which Meuser pledged to make Northeastern Pennsylvania a better place to live and work.

Meuser, the owner of Pride Mobility in Exeter, wants to use his conservative principles and business expertise to make the region more competitive.

"I'm not seeking to get a job," he said. "I'm seeking to do a job."

Meuser believes government regulations make Pennsylvania one of the most difficult places in the country to do business.

"Pennsylvania is No. 46 out of 50 (states) as the least competitive place to do business. It's a problem," he said after the rally.

Meuser thinks bureaucracy and too much regulation discourage small-business owners from hiring. He also sees health care costs as a major roadblock.

Meuser wants small-business owners to tell him what is keeping them from expanding, so he can advocate for change in Washington, D.C., and lobby for a tax structure that is more favorable.

He also thinks the contacts he's made after 20 years in business can help attract good-paying jobs to the region. Meuser believes he can sell Northeastern Pennsylvania to employers in New York and New Jersey, and that those employers will pay competitively.

But in order to sell the area, Meuser believes the local infrastructure must be improved, and the issue of crime needs to be addressed.

Scott Meuser, Dan's brother and business partner, believes their middle class upbringing and strong work ethic make his brother the perfect candidate.

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