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Susquehanna Independent - Meuser kicks off county 10th district campaign

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Location: Montrose, PA

Susquehanna Independent - Meuser kicks off county 10th district campaign

Dan Meuser, candidate for the 10th Congressional District seat spoke to supporters at his first official campaign event in the county on Monday, Feb. 11.

The kick-off event was hosted by John and Jean Castrogiovanni, owners of Castlemont Farms, Montrose.

Prior to speaking, Meuser toured the dairy facility home to over 250 cows. "Agriculture is the number one industry in the 10th district," said Meuser. He said anyone running for congress ought to understand the interests of the farmers.

According to Meuser, farmers now receive about $20 per 100 pounds of milk. "Frankly, with the increased cost of feed, fertilizer and energy, not even at that price can [farmers] keep a dairy farm viable," said the candidate.

He also addressed tax issues challenging today's farmers and small business owners, specifically problems with the Death Tax. Meuser advocated repealing the tax and found fault in rolled back tax amount and how the tax jeopardizes the future of family farms. "It's a step in the wrong direction and not in the interest of our farmers," said Meuser.

The candidate acknowledged he did not come from a farming background but added that at "the end of the day, it's a business." He said he enjoyed learning about the farm business and the challenges faced by today's farmers. "As a business person, I can relate," said Meuser, owner of Pride Mobility Products. Meuser said that health care - like farming - is tied to federal regulations.

Although Monday's event served as the official county kick-off event, Meuser said he has visited the county about 40 times in the past eight months. "It's an extremely important part of the district," said Meuser.

"Too often, those in government service promise but don't deliver. I'm in the delivery business," said Meuser. He said that although the 10th District was large, some common denominators exist throughout the district but noted each county has its own unique needs as well.

In the past two weeks, Meuser said he has met with nearly 12,000 people on the campaign trail. "People tell me they're not happy with the state of affairs," said Meuser, mentioning Congress' current low approval rating. He also advised voters "watch how politicians vote and not what they do and say to get reelected."

Politics not out of the ordinary at local farm

A political event at Castlemont Farms is nothing new to the John Castrogiovanni family. In the past, Senator Arlen Specter and former Senator Rick Santorum and former Congressman Don Sherwood visited the farm, "So this is nothing new," said Castrogiovanni, of Dan Meuser's 10th Congressional Susquehanna County kick-off event on Monday.

He said he appreciated being able to take part in the political process. "My parents came over from Sicily and settled on the farm in 1928," said Castrogiovanni. "They didn't have the privilege of voting."
"I remember how thrilled my mother was when she became a citizen and voted for Eisenhower," said Castrogiovanni.

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