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Morning Times - "Congressional candidate visits Sayre"

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Location: Sayre, PA

Morning Times - "Congressional candidate visits Sayre"

Dan Meuser, one of two Republicans in contention to challenge Congressman Chris Carney in November, visited Valley residents Thursday evening at a meet-and-greet event held at the Sayre Sons of Italy.

Meuser is the president of Pride Mobility Products and has spent the past 20 years working to transform the business from a small furniture company with 25 employees to a state-recognized and worldwide leader in mobility products. His family's company, which is based in northeast Pennsylvania, employs over 1,000 people and has been named one of the best places to work in Pennsylvania.

Local political advocate Buddy Crockett introduced Meuser as a friend to the area and a good choice for the future.

"We know we can't change everything in Washington overnight," said Crockett," but my attitude is we can start doing it one congressman at a time."

Meuser began by saying, with the "healthy paranoia of a business man," that his campaign is going well.

"It is going well because of the friendships we are making, the relationships that we are developing, how well my team works with people, and how people are receiving the message of our candidacy," said Meuser.

Meuser, who began meeting people nearly nine months ago for his campaign, related that he has since driven thousands of miles across the 10th Congressional District and has met over 8,000 people.

"I've certainly learned many things, but one of the things I did learn along the path that my candidacy (is) what we can bring to the 10th district, this office, matches well with what the people in the 10th district want in a candidate," said Meuser.

Meuser cited his extensive business experience with his ability to create jobs, set realistic goals, how to listen and how to respond to people as one of the things people in the 10th district are looking for. Using this experience, Meuser hopes to provide an economic boost to struggling areas within the district and to make it an overall great place to work.

The 10th District is also looking for someone with conservative values, according to Meuser.

"I believe in conservative principles. I believe conservative principles are what our government needs, what our district needs, on virtually every issue," said Meuser.

Meuser, who lives in the Back Mountain region in Luzerne County with his wife and three kids, wants his children to be able to stay in the district for all of the right reasons and to be able to raise their families here.

"Because it's got economic opportunity, because it's got quality of life that they're proud of," said Meuser. "I want to get in this office to help you all, so that you know you have a friend in congress, that you know the congressman and you know you will get answers to questions."

Meuser continued, "My agenda is your agenda. Our goals will be mutual, they'll be realistic, but they'll be mutual. We'll work on them together, you'll know what they are. You'll know how I'm going to vote on certain, important issues long before the vote takes place because you know that I'm conservative and I'm consistent in that sense."

Meuser added that the people of the 10th District want someone who will work hard, be responsive and someone who will be in the communities.

"If we say we're going to be someplace we will be there," said Meuser. "We're going to be very approachable, very accessible, and for me, that's what I believe a representative of a district is supposed to be."

Elaborating on his conservative principles, Meuser stated that taxes are too high and need to be lowered to help keep small businesses competitive. He also noted he will work to keep spending down, calling the current spending trend "out of control."

"I think there are solutions for moving things in the right direction," said Meuser. "We can help educate along the way on how a balanced budget and conservative principles benefit all people."

Meuser also conveyed his support for a strong military done in a managed, effective way, belief in pro-life, and strict interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Specifically regarding the constitution, Meuser continued to say that the right to bear arms should not be infringed upon.

"As stated I will bring business principles and ways of doing things in business. When asking for funding for our district, I will not deny bringing or refuse funding for the district," continued Meuser. "I have a primary opponent (Chris Hackett) who has signed a pledge saying he will not accept any earmarks for the 10th District should he get into office. If, in Congress, a vote is taken eliminating earmarks, my hand is going up if it's for the districts across the country. Asking to accept that on a unilateral basis is like unilaterally disarmament . . . I am not going to ask the 10th District to be a martyr district, a sacrificial lamb to set an example."

Meuser also called into question some aspects of democratic incumbent Chris Carney's voting record, saying he stands 180 degrees away from Carney on every issue.

He called Carney's voting against the repeal of the 2001 and 2003 tax relief plans as a step in the wrong direction, saying every family that makes over $35,000 per year would end up with a $3,000 increase in taxes.

"Corporate taxes will go up; capital gains taxes will go from 15 percent to 35 percent; taxes on options will go from 15 percent to 25 percent," said Meuser.

He continued to point out that Carney voted against the field request for added troops and called for a date of July 1, 2008 for a retreat from Iraq.

"I was just speaking with a soldier yesterday who was headed over for his third tour of duty — two in Iraq and now one in Afghanistan," said Meuser. "He said this thing in Iraq was pretty much wrapped up, we just need another six months and we should have stability in all the provinces . . . our enemy would have probably waited until July 2."

Meuser also criticized Carney's vote against retaining anonymity for residents voting for a union.

"That's infringing on people's rights to privacy and that's been a law, a union law, for generations," said Meuser.

He added that Carney's pro life rating through the Pro Life Federation is 13 out of 100 despite claims of being pro life.

"Our mission is to advance our area, to make you all know you have a friend in Congress and that is what you would have with me," said Meuser. "And I would repeat that I would do everything so our children have a better place than what we inherited."

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